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Re: Fishing hot in Laconia

Can't believe they printed an article with such a small area of water pinpointed as the hot spot. Talk about a way to burn out a fishing hole. I've heard of spot burning, but this is a grand scale one. Too many people fished that section before... shame what it will be like now.

Re: Fishing hot in Laconia

I drove by today and saw a couple of boats in the river, and one at the mouth.


Re: Fishing hot in Laconia

I went by a couple times and there were people on the banks where I've never seen people before. Amazing how fast the word gets out.

Re: Fishing hot in Laconia

We were down at Funspot today with Amber and 1 of her friends for Ambers B-Day, I took one look at the Laconia Daily paper and plastered right on the front page was a Man with what looked like 2 really nice size salmon on the ground. Yup def. a good way to burn a spot out, after seeing that wouldn't surprise me to see both sides of the river bank Loaded with peeps. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave