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Re: Cal Preston

Hey slipknot are you still fishing? Adrien says all you do is work 24/7. I was hoping to see you at the gathering.

Re: Cal Preston

I don't think I've ever been ice fishing as little as I did this winter. It was silly. I think I was only out 9 times. Three of those were tagging along with Adrien while he had a charter, two were up at the Sebago Derby with Scott and a couple were only for an hour across the street from my house after work.
Yeah, I've been working most weekends to stay caught up. Which is not a bad thing in this economy, I guess. I'm hesitant to turn down ANY job, so I end up saying "yes" to more than I should.
I am not "working" today, but will be cleaning/packing the work trailer and loading staging in preparation for driving to Brookline tomorrow. I'll be there at least a month. Not looking forward to three hours of driving every day... but it's good work and for a friend of a friend.
I'm trying to find a happy medium to allow me to get on the water more for the open-water season. I sold my boat last summer, as it was just sitting there, so I'll be shore fishing or bumming rides to troll this year. Haha.
Hope you're doing well. We will eventually get on the water together again.
Take care, Craig

Re: Cal Preston

What's the best knot to tie a lure onto braided line, or do you use a mono leader?

Re: Cal Preston

Joe; For trolling our lakes here I run a rods lenght of florocarbon. For leadcore I run at least 50 ft. of mono to a rod lenght of floro. I like the palomar knot or a improved clinch as long as it doesn,t slip. Cal P.