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Re: auto jigger


Re: auto jigger

trebble hook
Ok so here is what I made out of boredom waiting for ice to melt.. I'd like your opinions and hopefully the link will work so you can see it? It's an auto jigger! It has an on/off switch, variable speed 12vdc motor W/speed control, 108db strike alarm and although the picture doesn't show it I also added a 12 volt solar charger to it. I also made it with an adjustable jigging action from 30 degrees to almost 75 degrees. I know I know lazy right! Can't even jig my own rod.. But otherwise what do you think? Would it actually sell? Here's the link to the pic I hope it works?

Looks good, why wouldn't it work ? This for ice fishing I assume. As far as selling them I'd test them good for a season and/or get a few out there to make sure the motor, etc. holds up with with continued use, 8 or more hours running. Similar jiggers for soft water trolling worh the balls.

Anytime you can keep your bait jigging your odds are increased, be it G2 or Jims rod pumper, etc.

Big John