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Re: Winni Derby

I think the derby brings alot of fishermen to the lake that normally would not come here,which in turn stresses the resourse even more.How many people register for the derby(3000?)that's alot of hooking going on.If it wasn't about money for somebody, do you think anybody would have bought out the old derby organizer.MONEY TALKS AND YOU KNOW THE REST!!!What are the new organizers going to do for the resourse?

All good questions to ask at the F and G meeting this Friday night, I know I have a few.

Re: Winni Derby

I will not be fishing the derby this year, mostly because of work though. I don't know whether or not the derby, or lack there of, contributes to or harms the fishery. I do know that the quality of salmon in Winni was much better last season. Was not having a derby a factor in that? I really don't know, but if we see the quality in the 2 and 3 year old classes really take a nosedive this season maybe we will have to take another look at it. Good luck to all who enter and grill up some of those hook wounded fish they are delicious with the right garlic and butter!

Re: Winni Derby

This is a touchy subject. I do not believe the lack of last years derby had much effect on the Salmon fishery. If not for one of the derby founders, we would not be fishing for Salmon in Winni. Just my opinion but the catching of Salmon in 65 + degrees water is the biggest issue and should be addressed. Us two, other friends and family will be supporting the derby. My .02 cents Roland

Re: Winni Derby

Lets not forget the fishing pressure was also down quite a bit. At least it seemed to me it was. The few times we fished on winni last year. Didn"t see near the amount of boats as in the past years. If so this has to have helped the salmon also.