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Re: fin clip again, ugh

The old fisherman
It was a much nicer day today. (I wasn't there yesterday) Got the rest of the salmons cliped today. They look great and hope they survive the chalenge in the lakes.


Glad you could make it Lou, thanks for helping out. It gets harder every year getting people to step up, but somehow enough guys show up to get it done. Fish and Game could do it themselves, but it's a big job, we are lucky they give us an oppertunity to handle and check out nearly every Salmon that will be stocked each year. Mac called me and told me it went well too, he plans to post some photos too.

Thanks again,

Big John

Re: fin clip again, ugh...photos

Good time had by all, weather was nice and as always interesting conversations on fishing. The salmon look very good and should give us some good battles in the near future.


Here is the clipping station and the crew.


Little guys waiting there turn.


Close up