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Re: Lake trolls verticle or Horizontal ????????

I always considered flashers something used more in deep water summer fishing than in Spring shallow trolling techniques. Since most try to only keep the lure 3-5 feet back from the flasher so the lure looks like a baitfish just back from the school, I thought this would be too close to the boat if you are only running the lure 2-10 ft deep.

Is this how some of you run these in the spring or do most not run flashers in the spring?

Re: Lake trolls verticle or Horizontal ????????

i dont run the flashers in spring, but last year i watched 3 salmon fight over the orange release clip on my g2 jigger board. i think if you dropped the blades back about 20 feet and fished above them maybe 5 to 10 feet down it would be similar to fishing the propwash

Re: Lake trolls verticle or Horizontal ????????

Flasher's put more action on your spoons, cheap version of the G2. I use them almost all the time.

Re: Lake trolls verticle or Horizontal ????????

I've been using Spin Dr's for a couple years with some success.