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Salmon Pledge meeting very enlightening....

F and G hit a home run with the Salmon Pledge meeting I thought, great presentation by Don Miller on the history of the Salmon program since it started, too bad it wasn't put on video. Those that missed the meeting, maybe 98% of the readers here, missed out on a realy informative presentation by Don Miller..

Allot of very good questions about the Pledge and many other fishing questions were answered by Steve Perry, Don Miller and John Viar. John Viar is ready for Charlie Moore's program with his demonstration of how to not un-hook a Salmon, it was entertaining and funny, but got his point across very well.

Some very enlightening facts on the history of the Spring Derby and it's effect on the Salmon fishery were given, sure openened my eyes. I'm no longer as anti Derby as far as it hurting the fishery goes..

A very poor showing by fisherman I felt, but F and G seemed satasfied with the turnout and hope word of mouth will get the Pledge out. I think most of the folks attending were very concerend Salmon anglers and not many from this web site that I recognised or knew? I think only two guides were in the room, at least guides that I knew.

The future of the Salmon fishery as we know it, is in our hands now, a promise of more strict regualtions in the future were more or less indicated if hook wounding is not turned around. The Pledge is more or less mostly common sense, if interested you should be able to find it (and a nice decal as well) at most tackle shops.

Sure be nice to get on the water and put the pledge in practice, looks like maybe the end of the month unless we get some real warm weather, some lakes haven't budged it seems..

The free meal provided by F and G was great, only kidding. Some of us met at The Outback before the meeting, all I can say is "dont go there on a Friday night", my meal was so,so, the wait was very long to get our food, we got there at 5:00 and just barely got out by 6:30 and were a few minutes late for the meeting. Normally a very good place to eat but not last night.

Big John

Re: Salmon Pledge meeting very enlightening....

Your message says it very well John.It certainly was a good presentation by F&G.I got the impression from them they're certainly concerned about the coming years.
Wyatt's Flys will continue to respect & support our exceptional Landlocked Salmon fishery.Our family's been enjoying the "Lakes Region" since the 1940's.I didn't get the feeling F&G was trying to keep anyone from enjoying our fishery!Tight Lines to all,Bobby.

Re: Salmon Pledge meeting very enlightening....

Nice talking to you and your son after the meeting - made quite the impression on my boy! Good luck on the water!