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Re: Computer help

Throbbin Rods
What is the problem?

He said "no snotty kid Bill", now you can take that two ways, I'm just busting them or you can feel like a kid again.

Big John

Re: Computer help

Computer Repair

Re: Computer help

Thanks guys, my problem is--very slow, sometimes up to 2 minutes to open anything. Then if I try to open a second window, everything hangs and goes nowhere. Then I get a "high CPU usage" message, and when I clear that I get "low memory" message. Sometimes it will clear itself and sometimes I have to shut the whole thing down manually.
I have "Malwarebites", "Cyberdefender" and "Norton" and run them every few weeks. And my ISP also has virus protection on their end.
The problem is not always there---somedays it works like clockwork but not often.
Thanks for all the info.
I live in Wolfeboro

Re: Computer help

I have used "All Things Computer" with excellant results. He used to work out of his houth in New Hampton but I think he has moved his business to Laconia.

Re: Computer help

I got it repaired by Mike at "Same Day Computer" in Concord NH. He really knows his stuff and I'd recommend him to anyone needing computer work.
He cleaned mine up, deleted a lot of stuff that came on the computer that I never use, updated everything,added more memory, and the price was very fair.
It runs faster now than it did when it was new.