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Re: New to Winni....

thanks guys!

Getting the boat ready for ice out...can't wait!


Re: New to Winni....

Welcome to the board. Roberts Cove Basin boatyard should be close for you. Five miles North of Alton circle on route 28. Costs $15 but never crowded and easy to use. Wolfboro town docks are fine this time of year, but you have to park quite a ways from the docks. How ever you fish Sebago should work on Winni. Good Luck, Cal P.

Re: New to Winni....

you guys are awesome on this board!
thanks again!

Re: New to Winni....


Early spring the fish are still lethargic until we start to see the temps nearing 50 degrees. Early try trolling live smelt lip hooked through the top nostril in between both nostril openings. ( this allows the bait to swim feely and will not kill the fish) Troll slowly at .5-1.0 allowing the live smelt to swim with the boat. Flat lines or a color or two of lead should do the trick. Be sure to use some nice light leader I love the Tatsu 6# test for Winnipesaukee. Don't be afraid to run your flat line way back behind the boat what I do is I tell my clients is to “run the flat line way back once it's there put it out even further.” This is especially true on flat calm days! This is a great Lake with some nice fish. Just remember use a rubber net always have your pliers ready for action and nearby, keep the skinny hook wounded fish for the Grill and let the big ones go and most importantly enjoy yourself.

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Re: New to Winni....

if trolling, stop the boat immediately and play the fish quickly to the net.
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