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Re: downrigger cables

That is what I have been told, but it may be you cannot use it if you have a temp probe. Others may have better information.


Re: downrigger cables

Forry, I would recommend against using anything but steel. I tried some a few years ago and yes, they do cut down on the dreaded steel line hum, but it is very weak. If you fish near the bottom, you are going to get hung and lose rigger balls. I lost about 4 balls and gave up.

Re: downrigger cables

My cannon mag ten use the steel cable to complete the ground path down to the water back to the hull.When your coming back up and the cable insulator breaks the waters surface the ground is interupted and it stops.I think if I changed to a non steel cable I would have to keep my hand on the switch up and down.polebreaker

Re: downrigger cables

Polebreakers right. You need steel on the electronic so they will stop when the ball comes out of the water. At least on the Cannons. I had the non steel on my manuals. Really liked how quiet they were but I wouldn't advise fishing near the bottom. They break easier than steel.
Dave S (Finaddiction)