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Re: copper line?????????

Copper line is great if you want to troll the bottom for lake trout, fast sinking and less memory than monel and much better than stianless, but all single strand wire is somewhat of a pain- kinks and has to be pulled off reel for first hundred feet or so. the only application i use it for is trolling bottom. To do this you want a fairly stiff 6 ft. pole like a light cod jigging rod, penn 285 makes a good reel about half full of backing than a top shot of copper, a light gauge is the best. you want to sew a sucker or rouch thru the lips twice than stitch down the side to the tail the tail wants to take a slight curve around the hook to make it weedless if done right the bait will make about an 18 in roll when trolled very slowly you want the bait to bump bottom at the bottom of roll- lay rod on gunnel of boat about a third of way down rod and you can read bottom by the twitch of pole- very deadly on big lakers. other wise i would stick to lead line.