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Re: Fish in Live Well

It has been the law for many years.If we keep them they get a bat to the head,put in the plastic bag and into the cooler.polebreaker

Re: Fish in Live Well

The rule is for only the specis listed.I called and asked Lt. Bryant at F&G. What about every thing else?
Why are not bows or browns listed? Crappie but not Bluegills or pout! Do any other states have these type of rules? Where did this rule come from and why? Anyone know? Is this about hook wounding/bucket biologists? Or is there there some other agenda?

Re: Fish in Live Well

I realy dont think it's meant so much for all fish mentioned as it is for Salmon, not sure why bows aren't listed, maybe typos ? Culling Calico Bass could be fun, lol, which of the 25 to keep.

I think it's impossible to weigh in a Salmon and have it still alive by the time he is put back in the lake.

Killing a Salmon is not neccesary, just put him in the cooler on ice, he'll be dead in a minute.

I do know people that kill and bleed them first, supposed to enhance the taste ??? Myself, I prefer lobster.

All in all I think the rule is horse---, many times a fish is returned to the lake later for one reason or another, Salmon or otherwise. Maybe you only get one Crappie, how you going to have a fish fry with one, might as well let it go when you get back to the dock.

I think it is a "new' rule, maybe quoted wrong by the writer of the rule book or missed in the editing/proof reading ? Tbe old rule said you can't leave the lake with a "live" fish on the boat, or something like that.

Big John

Re: Fish in Live Well

Pretty sure "Brook Trout" includes browns and bows as well as brookies