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Clam digging

We are looking to go clam digging at Hermit Island in Maine. Has anyone been there and any suggestion, I have not been in at least 40 years. I heard low tide is best. Any help I'll take. Roland Good luck fishing if your out on the lake.

Re: Clam digging

never been there, but low tide, look for the muddy sand, dig fast, clam fork helps. not sure if you need a liscense, but alot of the towns issue permits. i used to clam in biddeford every summer in front of the house, then they closed it down, still sneak out there some times. huge taxes and they wont let you clam infront of your property

Re: Clam digging


We used to clam right at head bech on the oppisite side of the road from the beach. Also a couple spots during low tide along the way to the island. Have fun been going there my entire life and LOVE it!

Cool Water

Re: Clam digging

Clam digging was dirty but fun. We had no clue what we were doing and ended up with a bushel in 4 hours. The out going tide worked great. After we were done we went to the beach (5o yards) and jump in to cool off. Made it home by 6pm and started steaming clams and melting butter, the beer was already cold. I ate till I could not push them anymore. Left the others on the ice. This morning the boiling and cleaning lasted for 3 more hours. Fried clams at noon and steamers again tommorrow. Gonna have to make this a yearly thing. Have fun if you go. Roland

Re: Clam digging

Roland What if any are the cost for going license fees etc.

Re: Clam digging

Forry it's a twenty dollar 1 day permit. You are allowed 1/2 a bushel a piece, which equals somewhere around 4.6 gallons. We also ended up using a pitch-fork more than the tool we rented. Were still eating clams, today's were fried. Not sick of them yet.