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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Fished Winni Friday

Wife Nancy and I snuck out Friday morning, 5:30 to 8:30, South end.

The small Salmon were voracious, hitting at all depths. Kept moving towards Rattle snake, Barndoor and finally got into decent sized Salmon as we headed back. Largest was a 22" male thin but no damage(sorry no pics) and quite a few more 17-18". No bows or lakers, just Salmon.
Kept a constant speed of about 2.3 gps, early depths were 26' then 33' on the rigger (one out for repair)and 7-8 colors of lead. Did not use flies, just hardware. Popular lure was named after a famous / infamous LakeWinni Guide with a little silver added for flash.
Nice to see some bigger fish in the mix. It was pretty flat so we did a lot of hard port and starboard turns to get them to strike, several LDR's as well.

Hope this helps, it was a really good morning for us.