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Annual Gathering Grand Prize - Trip on the Miss Megan - Used last Night

6-10pm Striper Fishing Trip
Left the dock at 6 and went to go make bait. Motored out of the river and did some searching for the Macks. Took a little bit but we did manage to get more than enought macks. Saw the "Bush" residence off in the distance outside the mouth of the river. It was a beautiful night to be out.

Capt. Megan showed us all what to do while live lining the mack. She did great working with the two 13 YO boys and the adults also. The bite was waaaay off and Capt. Shawn did his best to find "the spot" to no avail.

Before you knew it, it was approaching 10:00 and we had to head in.

1 real taker. Had him on for a bit and then the circle hook pulled. Oh well.
Good to be with friends, new and old.
Great crew, they did everything they could to get us on fish.
Highlite/ Lowlight of the trip.
Had a older woman "flash" us. I think she was buzzed. She was attending a wedding reception and went down to the water close to us and gave us her best Money Shot. It wasnt a pretty sight! Might have been better 30 years ago. No telling though.

Thank you for your generous donation the the Fishlakewinni.com gathering!!!!

Re: Annual Gathering Grand Prize - Trip on the Miss Megan - Used last Night

N. Sounds like a good time.
I was at a wedding yesterday, the kids mother said she was going down to the water & disappered for awhile. Now I know what took her so long. TnT W-Fat