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Re: Salmon and Sun Burn

Nice report congrats!

Just curious to what reels are you using with 6-7 colors of leadcore? Thanks in advance.

Re: Salmon and Sun Burn

i have a pair of these eagle claw combo rigs. they come pre-spooled with 10 colors of lead.


Re: Salmon and Sun Burn

My pleasure, Derek. I had a great time.
You forgot to mention the big one you had on but we never saw. Would have been nice to at least see that one. Most likely a nice laker...
Orange with black dot db smelt and the white with red dot "craig specials" (similar to a top gun) were the two hot lures for sure.
I'm still impressed with how well your boat maintained a trolling speed using the main engine. It was quite nice to not have to fiddle with the throttle all day. I use to have to mess with it more than that even using a kicker motor and dash mounted speed dial.
You've got a real nice setup. Was good to see fish along side of it. :)

Re: Salmon and Sun Burn

thanks man. yeah i still wish we could have landed that big one, even just to see what it was, but that's fishin i guess. there's another "the one that got away" story. maybe we can do it again this weekend or sometime soon.

btw, i emailed the dealer to find out how much it would be to order the other console and a full glass windshield... $4500!!! guess i won't be doing that... my next boat will be a walk-through instead of a side console.

Re: Salmon and Sun Burn

That's crazy. Bet they don't sell many...

Re: Salmon and Sun Burn

ridiculous. they probably don't get many requests from customers for things like that. more often to repair damaged ones. i was in the weirs area the other day. made the mistake of stopping at thurstons and looking at a new starcraft. **** nice boat...