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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Quick Report

Fishing on Winni is getting better day by day as the bigger fish have started to show up. We have been having a tough time staying away from the fresh stalked Salmon. I have moved and moved and still seem to catch them. We have been running more flies as the little guys tend to stay away from them and with each day the fishing seems to get better… The byte on the flies can be slow but when you get a fish it’s usually a real one.

I’m headed to Squam this week for some Trophy fishing charters. Squam is a slow fishery and can be some tough fishing but this year not so much the case with the nice quality 2 year old Salmon. Every trip out we have boated several nice 2 year olds and some quality Bows… No monsters just yet. The 2 year olds in Squam are huge some almost 19”s and close to three pounds! So we will let these entertain us until the monster salmon hits! Squam is fun because it has the WOW factor...you just never know when the big one is going to hit!

Tight lines….Cool Water

Re: Quick Report

Great report, live bait and flys were both dead for me Sat. all fish came on a purple/black TG at 25' off the riggers 2year olds.I can't wait to see a Squam report hope you can "whack em & stack em"!!!


Re: Quick Report

We have had similar success. Early bite for the bigger fish for us. And I mean EARLY! Friday Morning must have been the end of lake vacationers. People crossing and hooking our riggers using 12# mono no weight, no floro, no leader with 100 yards on a spinning rod ! ! Funny stuff...!