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Winnisquam info

Hi All,

I'm looking to take my boat to Winnisquam this weekend. This is just a boat ride (not fishing ugh!) as I have to put more hours on the motors and it's a little shorter ride that Newfound.

I recall reading that there is a new ramp but unfortunately the lake map is not currently posted on the NH F&W site. I've never been there. SO any help with directions off 93 to the ramp and anything I should be careful of on the lake is truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Winnisquam info


I forgot to add that this will be returning to my roots so to speak.

About fourty years ago my Mom & Dad rented a house on Winnisquam. One day my Dad rented me a little tin boat with a small tiller for a day. That was one the best best memories of a vacation as a kid I ever had. Been wanting to own a boat ever since.

Re: Winnisquam info

do you know where martel's is? the new ramp is on the other side of the river.

Re: Winnisquam info

I'm not sure what you are thinking of as the new ramp but the state ramp in downtown Laconia on the river by the water treatment plant is pretty much brand new. It's free and in great condition. It's possible that if there is a tourny or heavy weekend traffic that this ramp may fill up (I don't think there is overflow parking). I'm going to guess there is parking for 20-30 trailers there.

Re: Winnisquam info

Go North on Fair St. cross over the bridge and take a left. You can see the launch from the bridge.


Re: Winnisquam info

Thanks guys!

I just realized that it's Race weekend this week. I think I'm gonna look for another place to bring the boat.

I can always come back to Winnisquam at a later date.

Any suggestions? How about Sunapee? Again this one isn't on the stae F&W site.


Re: Winnisquam info

Was on Winnasquam today with the family and used the new launch. 2nd time I've used it, this time was during the week and it was great. The first time was last year on a saturday and it was real busy. Like someone said earlier go through town and you can see it, I believe the name of the road is Bay Road or Bay street.