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Friday morning "Lake XX"

Popeye and I fished this am, started at 4:30 to 10:30. The fishing was good, this was the biggest of the five fish boated. It was 22 inches long and very thick and fat. The fish weighed well over five lbs on the scale. The fish received a slight hook wound so had to be harvested. In the "dead" well the fish spit up 27 smelt and when John gutted it, he said it probably had a total of a hundred in its stomach. This mornings fish were caught from 34 to 40 down, DB's and Honey Bees worked well. The yanker danker lure worked well on the pumper thumper rod. Had a good time and good luck when you go out. Roland

Re: Friday morning "Lake XX"

what a beauty!!! congrats!!!

Re: Friday morning "Lake XX"

I will be on Lake XXX Sat. am.
Nice fish!


Re: Friday morning "Lake XX"

I too will be on Lake XX Saturday. I may need to have you (salty ) bless the back porch II if you would please. Also if you find it in your heart to bring an egg Mcmuffin and a black coffe (decaf Please) that would be welcomed as well.good luck to all.

Re: Friday morning "Lake XX"

Yes we indeed had a good morning on good old lake XX. The yanker danker on the pumper thumper out fished the jiga wiga 5-1 out fishing me in my own boat, jeezuum crawl....We did have fun, thanks Roland for the laughs...The number was 6 though, you forgot your Charlie Moore!!!!. I did have one of those Coolwater trophies on, swallowed up the 6 pound ball on the jiga wiga down 40 feet in 90 FOW...Tip of the downrigger boom hit the water....He was so big he stopped us dead in our tracks.....Lost him...I guess I needed Willy out there with his big trebble hooks!!!Shooot Lizbeth, shoot!!!
Good luck out there, let me know if anyone catches my trophy.