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Double digits on Lake WWW

Fished today from 5;30 to 8:00.
Dead calm, water temps around 76 degrees.

Caught 4 salmon to 17"+ on the rigger, 33 feet, 2.3 gps. Non stop rainbow action on the leadcore, 7 colors, watermelon and coolwater TG with silver.

Fished 6-9 colors with only 7 producing anything. Rainbows averaged 15"-18".

Nothing big but non stop from the moment we set the second line.

Great morning!

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

LAKE WWW??? Come on guys/gals Lake X, LAKE XX, LAKE WWW????? Why Can't we All just try acting like the adults that we are suppose to be? Secrets? come on. I thought this site or any others for that matter were designed to educate us on making better anglers out of us, so that we could have fun and also preserve our fisheries? Instead we (including myself some times for which I apologize for) are bashing each other, and for what, what are we going to gain from it? We IMHO should all grow up and treat each other with the courtesy and respect that we all would like given to us.

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

Not sure where you are coming from as I haven't posted in a long time until the last week or so. I was trying to play off the the other posts like XX, etc from a humor standpoint.

I do not know where it originated from nor do I care.

My posts give more detailed information than 95% of the posts on here and I hold very little if anything back in an effort to help.

Thanks for your response forry!

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

Starfire, I am sorry if I offended you. you are corerect you do share alot of good info,just as it should be. thank you for that. I just got sick and tired of all the secret crap that is going on. I should not have walked on your post.again I apologize for that. I should have started my own post. that being said lake WWW?????????????????

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

No problem Forry, thanks.

Sorry, WWW = Lake Winni, South end!!!

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

Forrey, I was just trying to be funny too. Lake xxxx is where I fish 98% of the time. Winnipesaukee. Fishing is fun. Retirement is great. Life's too short to worry about the rancor.

Salty aka Dr. K

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

("Life's too short to worry about the rancor.")

"Oh,the rancor"! Salty or Dr.K. LMAO!

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

God, so much drama.......I know we were hacking off, you had to be in the boat, and like Salty, everyone knows where I fish........Salty, I get to join you 11/8/11.....Am on extended vacation now until then....
Look out deer....None of your secret lakes will be safe from me next year!!!LOL...