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Mon. 7/18 Report

5:15-9:00am. Had 1 awesome hour from about 7 to 8 where I landed 5 salmon 16-19", 2 15" rainbows, and several 1st years. Started at Black Pt. but only caught 1 salmon and was getting bounced around by the waves so I moved to Rattlesnake to get out of the wind. It was a good move. Fish were loving a 1/2 watermelon, 1/2 black dot, copper back DB type spoon I picked up AJ's yesterday. All except 1 fish were caught on the riggers at 35' with the lure 20-25' back from the blades.

Re: Mon. 7/18 Report

Wow, that's real busy for 1 guy.


Re: Mon. 7/18 Report

I fished same area from 7-9pm with the about same results except no trout. Orange copper DB and wonderbread top gun 7-8 colors.