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Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

Not sure where you are coming from as I haven't posted in a long time until the last week or so. I was trying to play off the the other posts like XX, etc from a humor standpoint.

I do not know where it originated from nor do I care.

My posts give more detailed information than 95% of the posts on here and I hold very little if anything back in an effort to help.

Thanks for your response forry!

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

Starfire, I am sorry if I offended you. you are corerect you do share alot of good info,just as it should be. thank you for that. I just got sick and tired of all the secret crap that is going on. I should not have walked on your post.again I apologize for that. I should have started my own post. that being said lake WWW?????????????????

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

No problem Forry, thanks.

Sorry, WWW = Lake Winni, South end!!!

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

Forrey, I was just trying to be funny too. Lake xxxx is where I fish 98% of the time. Winnipesaukee. Fishing is fun. Retirement is great. Life's too short to worry about the rancor.

Salty aka Dr. K

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

("Life's too short to worry about the rancor.")

"Oh,the rancor"! Salty or Dr.K. LMAO!

Re: Double digits on Lake WWW

God, so much drama.......I know we were hacking off, you had to be in the boat, and like Salty, everyone knows where I fish........Salty, I get to join you 11/8/11.....Am on extended vacation now until then....
Look out deer....None of your secret lakes will be safe from me next year!!!LOL...