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Paging Mr. Sampson

I don't post often but log in at least once a day to read the comments.I will certainly start contributing more as i really appreciate this site. Today i felt compelled to post after reading the comments by Forry about everyone just getting along. The sportsmanship displayed on this site is what got my attention in the first place, and i'm sure that of many others. it's why I started following this site. The fact that someone's always willing to offer tips and advice to make us all better at doing what we love so much....fishing....and protecting our fishery, is just fantastic. I for one miss the posts, comments, and knowledge offered by those who are no longer currently posting. Lets not sweat the small stuff and focus on fishing!! Paging John Sampson (and all others who've been missing), where are you??

Re: Paging Mr. Sampson

Great post! So many take this stuff to heart as this is a passion for most of us. That passion shines through in good times and in bad. I will post more charter report video's and pictures I promise! Lets get this thing going like the old days and go back to fishing and having fun.

Cool Water

Re: Paging Mr. Sampson

Thanks Travis. I will do my part by posting after each outing or with any other info i think will be usefull. Hopefully the others will do the same!!

Re: Paging Mr. Sampson

Thanks Fishinfantic for starting this post.

I not only look forward to John's posts as many others that are not here as often as in the past. I've learned ton's from you guys and was always in awe of the information posted. I even had chartered with Arien a few years back. I really miss his posts here as well.

Anyway I haven't been fishing at all as my time on the water has been spent breaking in motors. So unfortunately nothing to post.

Forry, busted my chops for not posting about a rainbow I caught and righteously so as this site is very different for the saltwater sites I visit where spot burning is considered a cardinal sin.

If you are reading this John I would like to see your new boat and how you have it set up. You can PM me or email me if you prefer.

tight lines all,