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Re: Can't we all just Try to get along?

Popeye, I am not offended at all. life is too short to get worked up over a fishing site LOL. I just think it is funny. I knew where lake XX is by the photo. like you said or close to it, it doesn't take a very smart person to figure out what is happening. I hardly recognized your boat with the top off. nice salmon in the photo. i can't believe that you said my post wasn't even close to being the best post ever.that really hurt me. LOL you meanie. give me a call.

Re: Can't we all just Try to get along?

I don't have your number.



Re: Can't we all just Try to get along?

Forry this site has been better the last month then it has been in years. New people new reports old people coming back No one hesitates to give information on rod set-up, on depths on lure color or lure selection. Also have not seen any bashing in a month or so that's been real nice. Once I don't write the lake I fished on and you take offense to it, come on. The funny thing is if you've got a question you don't hesitate to call, or e-mail which I do not mind. See you on the lake and good luck.

Re: Can't we all just Try to get along?

I wasn't targeting you or anybody in general and hope you didn't take it that way. I had noticed there was no bashing on the site as well for the last month or two and just wanted to try and keep it that way. I really didn't mean or want to anger anybody on the site, if I did then please accept my apology. as i said in my post to popeye I did know the lake you on from the photo. I hope you will continue to answer my questions and look forward to seeing you on the lakes as well, and good luck as well.

Re: Can't we all just Try to get along?

I still love you forest. I will post soon some recent salt trips that were outstanding offshore fun!! No fresh water for me untill this fall.