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7/19 PM Report

Fished 7-930pm. Fast action again tonight, 4 runts, two 2yo, and my personal best for season a huge, fat 23" 4+ pound 4yo male (puked up a bunch of 2" smelt and a sunfish in boat) wonderbread top gun with bioedge smelt wand was hot at 8 colors and 6 colors after 830; fished mainly from 80-120FOW.

Re: 7/19 PM Report

That's great, congrats on your pb salmon. Great time to fish in the evening like that.....so relaxing when the lake quiets down at night!

Re: 7/19 PM Report

Nice fish! Never had one puke up a sunfish before. That's a first.


Re: 7/19 PM Report

nice report.I too like that Bioedge smelt wand.I think it works well.

Re: 7/19 PM Report

If you guys see me out there give me a hollar on 12. Im in a the tan colored 24' smokercraft pontoon.