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Re: RFP requirements

Just a quick Question. Work has been slow and with our fearless leader in office it dosen't look like it is getting any better. I may just have to concider retiring LOL What it the age requirement to join your club. there are a lot of people I would like to fish with,however I feel the snub me for still being among the working class. At what age can I start fishing with you old farts LOL.

You just tell them you are retired Forry and say that you are 66 or so. I can vouch that you have all the characteristics of someone much much older!!!!

Re: RFP requirements

No age requirement, just have to be retired and love to fish.

Re: RFP requirements

Well then I am 3/4 of the way there.

Re: RFP requirements

How about if you love to fish and wish you were retired???


Re: RFP requirements

Then you're halfway there.

Re: RFP requirements

11/08/11.........I will be officially calling it a career after working 34 1/2 years for your uncle.I guess with no age requirement I will get to fish with most of you and can sell my boat.......And Salty likes live bait, make room..!!LOL.....
I would like to personaly thank all you stamp lickers, and all you over postage payers....Its been a real help....55.....perfect.....

My blood is boiling for kokanne and hugh mackinaw, and chinock salmon it most of the lakes, mulies and elk everywhere.....

I believe its almost time to head west young man....


Johhny leadcore on vacation until November 8th!

Re: RFP requirements

Congrats on the upcoming retirement Popeye!!! You will wonder how you ever had time to work for a living. But wish you still had that income, ha ha. ENJOY Cal P.

Re: RFP requirements

Thanks Cal.....I cant wait....