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Report from the Kool-Aid

I have been on Lake Sunapee, Winnipesaukee a few times in the past couple weeks and the saltwater quite a bit!

The fishing on the lakes has been good to us with a decent amount of salmon and trout coming anywhere from 30-40' on the riggers and 7-8 colors on the lead. My favorite lures keep producing for us, the Chappy's guide 2" lures (any color), Sutton 61 silver and copper, and BB gun lures (orange w/ black dots).

The saltwater trips for stripers and blues continue to produce for us and it is more and more exciting each time I go out for them. Last weekend we lost track of how many fish we boated in two days of striper fishing! We keep getting a couple big fish each trip. Last trip we threw back a 44" and 46" striper (the one I am holding in the picture). Clients are happy with the results and so am I! Fishing live bait in the Merrimack and also spending time a couple miles out ballooning which has contributed to some of our higher quality fish.





Tight lines! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend on the water! WE will be in the salt tomorrow and monday - Sunapee on Tuesday!

Good Luck!

Cpt. Cody

Re: Report from the Kool-Aid

Nice fish Cody..