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Good mornin on Winni

headed out by welch/diamand/rattlesnake. did pretty well. 8 salmon i think (lost count). 2 of em were nice, 21" 3+ lbs. lotsa bows too, at least 8 or so. lots of action on both the riggers and the boards w/lead. 28 ft on the rigger was the ticket early, 6 colors on the lead. slightly deeper a little later on. orange w/ black dot db did the best along with rainbow colored guide special.

the swells in the broads were consistant 4 footers with a few 5's and 6's thrown in for fun. got absolutely drenched on the ride back. also had to rescue a sailor who capsized his boat. pulled him up into the boat and tied a line to his sailboat and towed him into winter harbor. good thing he had a life jacket on... middle of the broads in swells like that with an upside down boat.. he was in trouble. did my good deed for the day anyway.

Re: Good mornin on Winni

Kudos to you for being a good Samaritan, nice fishing report also.


Re: Good mornin on Winni

Bowhunter, sounds like you have this fishing thing pretty well figured out.:)
The sailor was very fortunate that you were there at the right time, and able to rescue him & his boat.
Great job, on both counts!

Re: Good mornin on Winni

Well done all around!

Re: Good mornin on Winni

thank you guys for helping me by sharing your knowledge and wisdom. without that, i'd probably still be gettin skunked on every outing!

as for the sailor, that was just one of those situations where you don't have to think about it. you go. it must have been a pretty scary situation for him.

coming across the broads yesterday in those 5-6 footers had me wishing for a better/bigger boat, that's for sure! anyone interested in a 2010 16.5' side console tracker?