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22" Salmon, green wire tag?

Caught a nice fat 22" salmon this weekend (watermelon top gun, 7 colors, 2.3 gps). It had a green wire type tag attached to its top fin. I thought the age class was a fin clip/cut out? I never saw a wire/string before. Can anyone tell me what that means? Thanks!

Re: 22" BOW, green wire tag?

Scratch that. Sorry I'm still a novice. This was a rainbow and the tag was from the Meredith Rotary club. I actually wasn't sure it was a salmon but it was dull grey and no pink stripe so it didn't look like a rainbow to me. Ooops.

Re: 22" BOW, green wire tag?

I would be very pleased to catch a fat 22" bow!
Have never caught a tagged one yet. That is why I don't buy lottery tickets:)

Re: 22" BOW, green wire tag?

Yeah, I was informed that I would have likely won the ice derby with this one. Oh well.