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Re: late weekend report

Its possible it was a white perch. It had a distinctive white lateral line on its side. Do u know which that would be?


After the last post I looked up pictures of both the whitefish and white perch. After looking into it I realized I was wrong about my identification, and as much as I hate to admit when I am wrong, it was a white perch.

Re: correction

Can anyone confirm there are still whitefish in Winnipesaukee?

Re: correction

I remember someone on iceshanty.com a few years back got one.

Re: correction

Someone caught one - and fish & game confirmed it - during this years ice derby. You hear of one every year or two. I have never personally seen one out of Winni though.

Re: correction

Guess I won't be adding the whitefish to my species caught list any time soon. Nice report, by the way "fishintime", whitefish or not.