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Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

It takes all kinds doesn't it? What to h-ll is wrong with this country anyway? I really think we have a problem with Lawyers in this country. Plus the judicial system. not only should the plaintiff be fined for suing this man,the lawyer himself should also be charged for bothering the court system with this Bull S--T. If any Judge allows this to go to court, the Judge himself needs to resign his post. It is time that common sense prevails in this country.

Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

Forry for president!!


Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

What a load of HORSE****! I guess too many of us M*******s have moved up there while trying to escape the crap like this that goes on here. I apologize for having deported these morins who suffer from the disease of blaming everyone else but yourself for the dumb crap you did to yourself. I can't get over this guy. I don't hunt but I can't see climbing a tree stand that I didn't put up or know the person who put it up.
I think that the next time I ding my prop on a rock I am going to sue the maker of whatever fishing lure I am using at the time for distracting from my piloting duties by causing me to catch fish. Can you see that warning label on all the lures?
WARNING: This lure may cause a boating accident by diverting your attention to the fish caught with this lure.
Sorry for the long winded reply but these people drive me effing nuts.
Possibly even worse we could start seeing people sueing for having their ribs broken when they were given the heimlich maneuver when choking on there friend chicken.....oh wait that one already happened. Maybe next time they won't break your ribs and just let you choke to death you ungrateful little ****.
Pardon my english as well

Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

Link for VP my running mate. come on 2012 LOL.

Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

Thanks Brian. That clears up some questions. Does'nt everyone caught illegally consuming alcohol confess to having one beer, or is it a couple? Forry, I appreciate your optimism, but I think you have about the same odds, feeding sugar to a dead horse as you would finding common sense to prevail (again) in this country. Re: compensation from the plaintiff & his lawyer, IMHO, that will never happen again, in this country either. Link, re: lure liability, that is why a "new" packaged screwdriver has a warning label, ""Caution" wear eye protection" BTW, it is in 5 or 6 languages, so they don't leave anyone out. If you are looking for the English, it will be buried in the back somewhere! And my all time favorite, Look at a package (any package) of fishing equipment! I don't care if it is a snap swivel,fishing reel or bobber. You will find on it a warning from the financially troubled state of CA. It will say that the state of CA has found that it may cause cancer. Not sure if they allow fishing in CA anymore or not??
Salty, I'm assuming that you will be Forry's campaign manager for president? LMAO
Back on subject for a second, I pray that any judge in NH would take the word of an elderly gentlemen who opens his land for recreation over a bum who is hunting under the influence of alcohol. I am praying, because common sense & decency cease to prevail!!!

Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

I read elsewhere that the POS didn't have a license - what a freakin model citizen!

Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

Throbbin Rods
I read elsewhere that the POS didn't have a license - what a freakin model citizen!

Come on now he was just trying the tree stand out and if it did hold him,you know he would run right out and buy one. good thing he didn't look at the money he saved.

Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

Is it time for a taxpayer revelution. To a time of common sense and not political correctness.Want to do away with the debt,do away with congress,senate and the president.When was the last time they did something FOR the citizen's of the U.S. and not themselves or the illegals or did what they said in their campaign. Term limits,Citizen 's rights to fire them on the spot for not doing as they said they would.BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE,I don't think so.Hurray for me and screw the people,the word of congress!!!

Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

News from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
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Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director: 603-271-3511
August 3, 2011

N.H. Fish and Game Commission to Study Landowner Liability Statutes

CONCORD, N.H. - Following a special meeting of the N.H. Fish and Game Commission on July 28, 2011, members of the Commission will be taking a look at ways to strengthen current statues related to landowner liability.

Sharon Guaraldi, chair of the Commission, has asked for appropriate Commission subcommittees to take a closer look at relevant New Hampshire statutes with an eye toward some future legislative action. “Because of our concern about some recent issues,” Guaraldi stated, “we are going undertake a serious review of the current situation with the intent to increase protections for both landowners and sportsmen and women who recreate on private lands.”

The Commission’s Policy and Legislative committees will report on their results later this year at a monthly Commission meeting. These meetings are open to the public and are held the third Wednesday of the month at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord. For more information about the N.H. Fish and Game commission, visit http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Inside_FandG/commission.htm.


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Re: Attention hunters & anglers!!

Thanks Gus.
Hopefully, more protection for landowners will come of this. The more protection for landowners will result in more open land for recreation and sports people.