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Nubanusit Lake

Hi All,

I would like to take my boat to Nubanusit Lake. Any information about the ramp and parking is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

tight lines,

Re: Nubanusit Lake

Hey Sully,

Nubannusit is a Beautiful lake to fish, but the launch and parking situation needs to be updated... You can launch a boat there off of Landing Rd. However, there is no dock and the launch consists of old pavement which is followed by large 6" irrigation stone... Parking is roadside and unless you get there early you should expect a walk. Be careful to pay attention to the "No Parking signs" as they do ticket people. Otherwise Nuby is a nice place to fish. Plenty of small Lakers and Rainbows with the potential for a Trophy. Good Luck.

Re: Nubanusit Lake

Went out on Nubi for 3 hours last night with B-man. He managed 1 nice bow and 2 lakers. Cop Car down 31' did the trick for him.


Re: Nubanusit Lake

I'll bite what is a cop car?

Re: Nubanusit Lake

Middle one is the cop car.


Re: Nubanusit Lake

I see you're busy in the phone room today!

Re: Nubanusit Lake

Hi forry, It is a crazy ivan lure that I bought at Dockside Tackle in south hero Vt.great place.It is chrome on back and black and white with some silver on it.All the lures you buy up there all have 1 single hook on them,crazy ivans,honey bee`s.It is fatter than a guide or db and has some good action.I caught a lot of fish on it when we were up at champ.in june. B-man

Re: Nubanusit Lake

thanks for sharing

Re: Nubanusit Lake

Thanks guys.