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Preparing/cooking White Perch

Had an interesting troll tonight with my buddy. Very slow until the sun went behind the mtns. Then, the action was non-stop for 1/2 hour or so. It seemed we caught everything except for the target salmon or trout. We caught a few bass, a large pickerel and at last light, a real nice white perch. We decided to keep the white perch since neither of us had ever eaten one and we've heard good things. So, can anyone tell me how to prepare and cook it? A chef I am not. I fillet my trout and salmon, skin on, and fry them in herb butter and the skin is great. The perch skin doesn't seem edible so i assume i need to fillet and skin it? Then, how would you suggest I cook it? Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to this little culinary experiment.

Re: Preparing/cooking White Perch

went fishing last Saturday and we wound up with four nice white perch. took them home and cleaned them and the wife made a fish chower that is out of this world.
soak them over night in cold salted water, then rinse and soak them for another day in plain cold water. potatoes and carameld onions in condensed canned milk with regular milk, with some salt pork. You can't beat it.
or you can just take the fillets and dip them in a butter and milk batter then dip them in yellow corn flour and pan fry them in oil.
either way I would soak them first.

Re: Preparing/cooking White Perch

Hammer,dip your fillets egg wash Italian bread crumbs drop them in hot oil for 30 sec or so (depends on thickness of fillet and oil temp) drain on paper bag or towel dip in tarter sauce and enjoy.


Re: Preparing/cooking White Perch

the ketchup haters will get me for this hahaha. fillet, remove skin, flour,eggwash,jiffey muffin mis(i like to add fine ground corn meal to this) deepfry. one white perch, id get some onions and make rings


Re: Preparing/cooking White Perch

Perfect; looks yummy. Thank you gentlemen.