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Re: Tuesday Sebago Report

try fishing the the north end east side from the first point that comes out of the channel along the ridge line towards Squaw. Most of my fish caught in Jordans bay have been in 100' of water at 35-55'. Early in the morning (Weds) I picked up 2 right away on 2 and 3 colors of lead w/ a fuzzy green db.

Today i went out to the ridges due south of the songo. Still picking up the 10- 16" salmon @ 40-50'. Did have a real nice fish on for about 30- 45 seconds he came to the top and flopped over a couple of times and then got off, he was a good fish but never got him in!!!

Good luck out there.

Re: Tuesday Sebago Report

Stuck in Jordan bay this morning. Started at 5:45 and fished till 7:30. Was windy again and thhe sky's were threatning so I went out about 1/4 mile around the point from where we are staying and fished in 80- 120' of water. Caught 4 salmon the nicest was still only 16" but very strong and acrobatic! They seemed to be a bit higher at 26- 31'. All 4 were caught on the same yellow- white black guide special as well as a few hit and misses.

Tried targeting the lakers again right into the bait clusters but no takers today. The bait was hanging at 60- 75' and plenty of it.

check out the kittery trading report this week, two nice fish caught

Re: Tuesday Sebago Report

27" 8+ lb salmon, Niiiiiice!!!!