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Thursday Morning Video

Fished Thursday morning alone for a couple of hours. Boated 3 salmon at 31 feet on a Sutton 61 spoon. Had several hits and LDR's using a White Perch Fly at 6 colors of lead. Nice morning to be out there and all fish were released. Several Fishlakewinni boats were in the area like Salmoneer, Rock and Troll, Salmon Hunter and Coolwater. Sounded like many were having success.

Re: Thursday Morning Video

Excellent video Stan. Been missing both your videos & Irish music. Don't know too many guys that can drive,reel,net,and take videos at the same time! Looks like you have it mastered. Nice boat, BTW.
Bill Roy's voice came through loud and clear on your VHF. LOL!

Re: Thursday Morning Video

Hey Stan, What are you doing fishing in MY SPOT!!lol


Re: Thursday Morning Video

Nice Stan......WTG...


Re: Thursday Morning Video

Great video Dad! I look forward to fishing with you again soon.

Re: Thursday Morning Video

Nice job on the video. Would love to be able to video tape a king on the line.

Roland and Lena

Re: Thursday Morning Video

Awesome vid Stan Nice Fish!

Cool Water