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Re: Sunday's Salt Report

Thanks for the reports. That film should be great when you get it.

Re: Sunday's Salt Report

Hi Cody,

Sound's like you had a great charter, I saw your truck in the lot when I pulled out. You must log a lot of mile on your rig going back and forth between fresh/salt. I heard Roof Rafter hailing someone but I didn't see him or you out there, I keep forgetting you have the new boat, I monitor channel 8 out there. Good luck and tight lines.


Re: Sunday's Salt Report

It was definitely a great trip!

And yes, I burn a ton of gas pulling that boat all over the state! I met you friend Mark at the Sunapee launch the other day... we should all go chase Tuna one of these days!


Re: Sunday's Salt Report

Sound's like a plan, this month sometime would be good. I'll talk to Mark, we have all the rod's/reel's and tackle.


Re: Sunday's Salt Report


Roofy and I were waaaaay outside 35 + miles trying to call cody to see how he was doing. We did very well freezer is full of cod and haddock. sights were unreal out there but no tuna but we had the penn 130's ready if we needed them.