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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Tues. am. report

Great morning on Winni! Bluefin and I had non stop action fishing flies off the boards and downriggers. 210' of leadcore on boards and 35' to 43' on riggers. (5am to 9am) Picked at 'em till 11am. Lots of 2yr old salmon, a 3yr old salmon, a couple of 4yr olds, (one badly wounded) one healthy and released. Several rainbows 16" to 18". And a few lakers. Had two LDRs that felt real heavy. (probably lakers but will never know!
Best flies.... white perch and Salty spec.


Re: Tues. am. report

excellent report Salty! You make it sound easy!! haha
Going to have to pester forry to go to winni.

Re: Tues. am. report

Good report Salty. I may be up for the nite bite if the weather holds up. I'll stay away from your spot, no really. See you on the pond soon.

Re: Tues. am. report

Great report.

Re: Tues. am. report

Nice report Salty,I'll be over on Wed and maybe Thur talk to ya on the water if your out.


Re: Tues. am. report

Thanks for the trip Salty,the only time the action slowed down between 5am and 9am was when we realized we didn't have any lines in the water! Always fun on the Peggy C.Y

Re: Tues. am. report

Nice report Salty! The WP Fly was hot for me yesterday as well... guess it's time!