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Re: Why so many Rainbows?

I asked Travis the same question the other day. It seems that last year I caught two and this year I've caught more rainbows than salmon. Did they stock more a couple of years ago?

Re: Why so many Rainbows?

What was Travis's answer??


Re: Why so many Rainbows?

The rainbows have been good this year for sure! I have done maybe a few more than last year. I run 4 DR rods and run two deep and two high and the high ones always pick them. usually 4-5' higher than the rods picking up the salmon.

Just what I've noticed


Re: Why so many Rainbows?

Bowhunter74201 are you hearing of any big rainbows being caught? I am inquiring about rainbows over 20"
In the last three weeks the rainbows have been coming in good number for me also but so have the salmon. I can't seem to catch any rainbows over 19 1/2 inches.
I would think there must be bigger rainbows in the lake. I, like the others, catch salmon deeper except
this week and last week they seem to be at the same depth but I am far from an expert, just lucky.

Re: Why so many Rainbows?

i haven't heard of or caught any that big. 17-18" is about the biggest i've caught so far. lotsa 15ish inchers.

Re: Why so many Rainbows?

Just a thought......Next year the 4 yr old class of Salmon will probably be very sparce. Perhaps more Rainbows were stocked so we'll have some bigger ones next year to fill the gap. I've caught more Rainbows than ever this year too. I've got them at 40 to 45' down along with the Salmon and caught Lakers at 30'.
Go figure??