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Thurs. am report

Tinboat and Crawfish fished with me this am. 6 to 11. It wasn't as good as Tues. but we caught plenty of fish. All on flies and the biggest share came off leadcore, 7 to 8 colors. Tinboat caught one nice 4yr. old that we tried to revive, but it didn't make it. Thought at first it was a 7yr old, but it wasn't as long as I thought. We caught one 2 yr. old that hit both leadcore lines off the starboard side planer board. He had both flies in his mouth. He broke of one of them, but didn't lose the fly.
We had one 2yr. old that was released, swam off, but came up and the eagle started circling it. After two attemps the eagle took off with no fish. The fish won that battle. (I think)
Caught a lot of Rainbows again today. I'm wondering if they stocked extra this year because next years 4yr old Salmon will be very scarce.
Thanks for fishing with me today guys. As usual we had plenty of laughs.

Re: Thurs. am report

We Have a great time on the Peggy C,if only Salty wasn't so serious all the time,but this is no news to anyone who has fished and learned from THE MASTER.

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Re: Thurs. am report

Always a good time on the Peggy C, Thanks for a fun day. Yes, Salty you have to lighten up......... ha, ha.

The view of the eagle was spectacular.

Thanks again.