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bring on the white tails

First day of shooting the bow. I don't think I did too bad. I am no Chuck Adams but a nice group for 20 yards none the less wouldn't you say? couldn't do any hunting because of a bum knee last year. I am rearing to go this year. the season will be here before you know. YEE HA!!!!!!


Re: bring on the white tails

Not bad at all Forry. That is a heck of a way to start. Looks like the whitetails could be in trouble!!!

Re: bring on the white tails

I can only Hope.LOL you have to see em first. thanks for your vote of confidence.

Re: bring on the white tails

Just started shooting my bow also... i live in Maine and didn't bow hunt last year...can't wait also!!!!!!
out expanded area hunting starts next month... when do you get started in NH?


Re: bring on the white tails

Sept 15th good luck to you this year.

Re: bring on the white tails

Wait a minute Forry!!!!

I have seen you cast for bass and there is no way you are going to convince me you shot those arrows. How can most of your casts go up in the tree's, on shore, in a docked boat or in my ear and then you group those like that????? hahaha

enjoy the bow season, i know you have been looking forward to it!!

Re: bring on the white tails

Maybe we should have a shoot off somewhere for some fun Forry..........


Re: bring on the white tails

Let's do it. sounds like it could be fun.I'm no robin hood as you can see but it only takes one lucky shot.