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Re: Sun 8/7 I Reply !

Hey, nice day on the pond, lots of fun on days like that.....Right Throbbin Rods?...
ALL fish brought up are hook wounded, some more than others...All fish have a hard time getting back to the cold water upon release in August. If the state thought that would be the end of the population because of the warm water fishing season would end in July. Hell, I don't even use a rubber net!!
Take the chill pill fellas, way to much negative Ora....

shame on you NO Rubber net what are youy thinking? HA HA


Re: Sun 8/7 I Reply !

sounds like a great fishing day fish 24 7 cant wait to get the gran kids into the bows havent been on the lake. last time was the derby con grads on such a good day

Re: Sun 8/7 I Reply !

Sounds like a great day! Love the days when you get quality AND quantity. Sounds like you found the honey hole that day for sure. Hope you get into them like that again sometime... and that you have a chance to get some pics next time. Good luck.