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Re: Humminbird vs Lowrance

You got a good deal on that piece of_____ Lowrance, why are you putting out ?'s on the Humminbird....you know you are not going to buy it...it costs 95 cents more than the Lowrance. I know you will not put out the extra .95

Oh by the way please lock your phone screen so you don't keep calling me after you bump into something....you old fool!!!

Re: Humminbird vs Lowrance

How's that raymarine working out?

Re: Humminbird vs Lowrance

has always fired up!!!! Never any problems that way, just the protective uv coating on the screen is all blotchy!!! It's 6 years old and still ticking.

Re: Humminbird vs Lowrance

Hey Forry,

I have a Humminbird 898c SI on my ride. It's quite impressive You are more than welcome to come out and put it through it's paces.

And FWIW I also own a Lowrance x67 Icemachine so I don't have any brand loyalty swaying my opinion.

Email sent.