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monster laker!

my wife and i were on vacation in the lakes region this past week. we started on ossipee lake sunday through tuesday. we made it out three times for some mid-day fishing and landed an 18" and 14.5" salmon along w/ 8 or 9 yearlings. also boated a 14" rainbow, 8 or 9 white perch and a nice sized pickeral (caught on a spoon in 60 FOW). had some steady action but no big boys.

then we went to another lake for the remainder of the week. on wednesday evening we were fishing since 4pm w/out a bite. at 6, the down rigger fired and i grabbed it as my wife was busy reading her book. it started pulling line so i told her it was a nice one and asked if she wanted it. she said "no, you get it"...i said are you sure, reiterating that it felt like a nice sized fish. she said "oh OK" LOL

the next 20 minutes were spent reeling in the other three lines and planer boards and chasing the monster down! it stayed down deep the entire fight. then finally it surfaced, completely exhausted, allowing me to net it on the first try. with the fish in the boat, the wifey was dancing around like crazy, very happy!!

i think she now has an appreciation for cold water fishing. prior to this fish she would always want to go bass fishing and thought trolling was boring!

caught 40' down over 75 - 80 FOW. little warrior spoon 100' back.

33" 11.40 LB's (certified)

pic 1

pic 2

Re: monster laker!

Great catch!!!


Re: monster laker!

Nice fish too!

Re: monster laker!

This was in reply to my first post, not Doc's!!!

Re: monster laker!

hahahaha! thanks guys, she really had fun bringing it in. now i need to catch a bigger laker so she'll stop rubbing it in

Re: monster laker!

Good job, great fish. OK are you going to tell us what Lake? My thinking it was DHP...


Re: monster laker!

great looking fish!!!

Re: monster laker!

That's a beauty!

Re: monster laker!

Nice fish! Wifey is a keeper too! ;-)

Re: monster laker!


Wow nice, I also love the shoreline. Maybe your camera was busted or something. You should try getting another.

Re: monster laker!

Way to go!!!!!! What a beast...Congratulations, DOC

Re: monster laker!

Real good laker congrats!

Re: monster laker!

WOW what a beauty, nice to see some big Lake trout coming out this year. Good job, Roland