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Re: Brother bags moose


Forry tell Brett congradulations for me.

Re: Brother bags moose

I figured it was either C2 or Unit B both the areas that I hunt pretty much exclusively. Had I of known he was in this area I could've put him in some Dandy spots. Glad he was able to connect, Thats gonna be one good eating moose, Just the right size. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Brother bags moose

Yeh my niece got area B. A little harder with all the windmill construction going on up in that section. they closed a lot of that section.I wouldn't count her out yet,she has an either sex tag, and last I heard the antlers aren't very tasty. she has until this sunday so there is plenty of time.

Re: Brother bags moose

I know of a few places in Unit B, (that is one of the areas I hunt with my Dad almost every weekend during deer season) If she needs some help have them give me a call I'd be glad to take a ride up and show them some areas that are not even next to where the windmills are being constructed. Some HUGE bulls in B, and some nice big Cows as well. Leave me a message on here and I can email you my cell number if they would like it. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Brother bags moose

Congrats, Forry to the Bro, been there its alot of fun.
Big Dave seems like just yesterday U were showing me around the area. W-Fat

Re: Brother bags moose

Now that's a lotta Bull! ;-)

Just kiddin around. That's a fine animal.