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Re: Planer Mast

Thanks Guy's!

The Big Jons site was a good help! Never saw that before when I visited there.

Another question...when using lead core off your planers do you pinch release on your lead core or do you set up your reels with a certain number of colors then back it with mono for pinching? If using mono as a backer, do you barrel swivel line together or simply tie it? My reels are all level wind line counters so the less interruption in the line the better I would think. I suppose a #14 or #12 barrel is just as small as a knot though...

Sorry for all the questions it's just all new to me and I want to do it right.

I have a place on Welch island so with an early ice out I may have time to get this set up before opening day!!

Thanks again!


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