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Re: Planer Mast

Thanks for the help guys!

Is there any problem with running 50 feet or so of straight 6 lb. Seaguar leader from the lead to the lure or should I taper down like 50' of 8 lb flouro to 6 or so feet of 6 lb Seaguar tied to the lure?



Re: Planer Mast

I usually run a 50' +/- 8 lb trilene monofilament leader to a small swivel to a 8-10 foot section of 8 lb. flouro leader to a small dual snap to a lure.

Re: Planer Mast

Thanks fishrman! Can you tell me what benefit that has over simply running a 50' straight run of Flouro from the lead to the lure?? Is it for line twisting purposes??



Re: Planer Mast

Flourocarbon is real expensive. I am cheap. Monofilament is cheap. Thats why I run it. I catch my fair share of fish so I personally don't think it makes a difference.

Re: Planer Mast

Thanks FishRman!

Thanks to everyone who responded! Looking forward to setting up this planer board system and giving it a whirl! Pieces have started arriving yesterday!

Come on ice out!!!


Re: Planer Mast

Hi Dan,

Let me start with I'm no expert. But I have had the good fortune to fish with a few.

I have rigged my lead core lines with 10# mono backing but plan on using fly line backing (thin dacron) this year. I attach the backing to # 10 Spro swivels. They are rated for 35# and are high quality. You can see them here.

I pull back the dacron backing about 4-5" and remove the lead from inside the lead core then tie the dacron coating directly to the swivel. I then do the same on the other end which then is attached to another swivel that connects to the 50-70' of 8# mono. I then use yet another swivel to attach the 10' of 4-6# fluro which I tie directly to the lure.

These swivels are tiny and will go easily through the guides.

I am in the same boat. Ha! Ha! As I am going to be installing a Riviera Mast on my boat which I have some questions about but will post a new topic as I don't want to hijack yours.

FWIW, You may want to search the archives for leadcore and trolling masts for some ideas.

Good luck,