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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: Broke in the new boat

nice catch!!!!

Great to catch fish on the maiden voyage!!!!

looks like the etec trolled down to a good speed for you

Re: Broke in the new boat

yeah pretty good. a touch fast, maybe 2.4 when it's flat. going into the wind it's fine, right around 2-2.2. i've got some socks but i hate using them. i definitely will add a kicker eventually tho. it goes pretty good with the 115 ho too. hit 38.2 on the gps with 2 guys, gear, and a full tank for fuel.

Re: Broke in the new boat

wow thats great.... had a 125 merc on my 2000 sf and pretty sure top end on that was around 33.

Re: Broke in the new boat

Congrats on getting the boat OTW!