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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: Keith L.

Joe you are having a great year......those are great looking fish!!!!


Re: Keith L.

Nice fish Joe...Lets see a pic when that is done..


Re: Keith L.

Great looking brown trout. Is that a Lake Ontario or Champlain fish? Would also like to see a pic of the mount when finished. Are you going replica or mount?

Re: Keith L.

Mount. Both from ossipee

Re: Keith L. That is the first I've heard of brown trout in there. Fish and Game must no longer manage for them. Do you know when they stopped stocking browns there?

Re: Keith L.

They haven't in years or never did. All are wild fish or drop downs from bearcamp river as fingerlings. They now spawn in bearcamp and lake is self sustaining

Re: Keith L.

Keith and Joe:

Can you tell us what tactics you used to catch the Browns? They typically are very difficult to catch in ponds since they feed at night and usually on smelt.


Re: Keith L.

I got 4 fish between a little under four lbs and little over six lbs on three different types of bait. Got two on spoons, one on a fly, and one on live bait. I also got them from 730 am and 7pm. None at night, although they are notorious night feeders. In ossipee you really have put your time in. I fish it a great deal. I usually only get a half dozen for the entire season. Three colors to fifty feet too. I know this is vague but it's all I got. Good luck