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Re: Sebago trip

LOL Dave
Funny wish I knew you guys were up there yesterday, we were as well and pretty much fished the bay over by the Raymond Launch, Never made it down by the buoys at all. Caught 4 small salmon and had a bunch of Hit and nobody homes. Marked a ton of lakers deep threw everything we had at them and couldn't buy a bite. You want to try a good/ AWESOME (lets just say if you can eat the fishermans platter here, you should be in an eating competition somewhere) the place is called Bayhaven/Bayheaven it would be on your way back if your coming through conway, Little off the Beaten path, but I've NEVER seen such a HUGE fishermans platter in my life, they even bring your fries on a seperate plate. Scallops are HUGE, Whole belly clams Oh Yeah Yummyyyyyyyyy with a capital Y. Take Care God Bless LOL DAve

We were in Jordans bay the whole time also......we were in Forrest's black pontoon boat. (which boat was yours)....fog was thick first thing in the am... We were marking tons of bait at 100' but we stayed up between 40-60'...that is what has been working there for the last month....we come home down 302 to 95 but will store that Bayhaven place in memory for vacation next year if we go.

Re: Sebago trip

Yes Fishlessman That was me that called you on the radio yesterday. Were you down by your usual spot? your radio came in fine. Hope all is well Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Sebago trip

i stayed pretty much on the west shore, didnt go to far from the house. found some nice balls of smelt right up on the surface. another few weeks and the birds will really start to show up, ive got a new bird dog thats intense when he sees a bird dive for smelt, i dont have to look anymore lol