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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Does anyone know the condition of the bay that silver sands is in? Was thinking of putting the boat in but didn't need it slammed by floating ice.

Re: Ice

I had a buddy drive around the lake yesterday and said that the bay was open out to Sandy BUT a large chunk of the ice pack broke up last night giving big open water expanses around Rattlesnake and off Ames. With heavy winds, the large ice sheets are now able to move with the wind so what is open will probably change hour to hour. Don't get yourself cut off from your return trip home.

Re: Ice

Ice is all gone from Welch to Alton Bay... With the exception of a few ice chunks off Blk point and in Alton Bay!

Re: Ice

Not safe to put a boat in Sanders Bay yet. Massive ice sheets being blown in from North... Ice is 10" thick! My breakwater is getting nailed on the West side of Welch right now as I have web cams going... The wind is brutal!

Go here for a pic from today from Silver sands gas dock...


Re: Ice

Was at Silver Sands w/Capt. Matty at 5:00pm. Big ice sheets moving around :-)

Re: Ice

I assume it's not safe to leave a boat on a slip?